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Friday, June 26, 2009

My First McDonald's Apple Pie!

Tomorrow -- Saturday, June 27th -- I plan to try my first McDonald's apple pie.  I have never eaten one, and I have been told they are amazing.  So, in a few hours I shall embark on a grand culinary adventure into the world of fast food desserts.


TIFFANY said...

LOL good for you! I'd forgotten about that. So did you end up having it on Saturday? What did you think?? ;)

Akiko said...

I love them too. I also love the other versions, like in Hawaii, they sell a Poi one, which tastes sweet potatoey. In Japan, they sell a bacon potato pie - it's like a clam chowder in a pie. *drool* How did you like the pie?

Raphael Rosen said...

I liked it! I want another one!