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Friday, November 19, 2010

Flax Pen to Paper

Last week, I visited Flax Pen to Paper, a Flax outpost near UCLA. I was impressed: the store carries a sterling silver Namiki fountain pen, as well as several kinds of Sailor pens. The Sailors are out of my price range -- the one that fits my hand costs around $300.00 -- but I am happy to know that they are available in Los Angeles.

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Amazing Calligraphy

The person featured in this video is Leigh Reyes, who, in my opinion, is an extremely skilled calligrapher. I wouldn't mind learning calligraphy at some point in my life. Wow.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Janet Iwasa and Molecular Visualization

My friend Janet Iwasa was just mentioned in a New York Times article about molecular visualization. Well done Janet, and everyone else who works on this project!

Pop Culture Curator at the National Air and Space Museum

Apparently, the National Air and Space Museum has a pop culture curator named "Margart Weitekamp," who manages thousands of items, including movie props, toys, stamps, games, pins, and trading cards, showing how space exploration made its way into the national consciousness. Well done, National Air and Space Museum!

Read the article here.

Image courtesy of the National Air and Space Museum.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Coordinated Dancing

What is it about watching a group of people dance in unison that stirs the blood? I just watched the music video for Janet Jackson's song "Feedback," and was struck, again, by how thrilled one can feel by watching group dancing. I wish I knew why I felt this way. Does the feeling stem from early human history, and battle demonstrations? (I have included a video of the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team performing their haka routine for comparison.) Also, the Michael Jackson video below shows how group dancing can be menacing. Interesting....