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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Curry Buns and a New Assignment

I have decided that happiness is buying a single curry bun from the local Chinese bakery, and eating it slowly as I walk back to my apartment.  I also enjoy walking into that particular bakery and seeing groups of Chinese men huddled around two people playing a game that I think is Xiangqi.  I always feel very much out of place in that bakery, but the lady behind the counter always smiles when she sees me, so I don't feel too bad.  I ask for a bun, hand her eighty cents, and off I go.

Also, I just got a new freelance assignment!  It's a little different from my past ones, but it should be fun to write.  

And, my girlfriend has recently introduced me to the show Gilmore Girls.  I have to admit that I like it.  

1 comment:

TIFFANY said...

80 cents for a curry bun? I have no idea what a curry bun tastes like, but it sounds like a steal! :D