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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hamburger Haven

A while ago, I think, I vowed to start reviewing San Francisco diners. (And if I didn't, I am making that vow now.) I hereby begin by reviewing Hamburger Haven, a restaurant on Clement Street. I first noticed it because its front door was on the corner of its building, an architectural feature that I have always liked. And, I also liked the classic counter, visible from the windows, with swivel-y chairs lined up in a row. The place looked honest, unassuming, and the kind of restaurant that could surprise a person with the best food of his life. I was hoping for that kind of culinary surprise when I walked in one Sunday, umbrella in hand. I was seated at a small booth near the door, next to a row of windows that looked onto the sidewalk outside. I was encouraged by the sight of an almost full house: almost every table and seat at the counter were filled. Good sign! After perusing the menu, I ordered a mushroom hamburger, with no cheese. (There is nothing that sauteed mushrooms does not improve.) It came, and I found that it was one of the best mushroom hamburgers I have ever eaten. The hamburger was medium, and still moist, and the mushrooms were great. All in all, I had a good time, and would recommend Hamburger Haven to anyone.