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Monday, August 24, 2009

California Academy of Sciences

This afternoon, I visited the Cal. Academy of Sciences again, with Jolina and her niece, and had a great time. I loved that there were no crowds, and no wait to get into the rainforest. We also saw the planetarium show, which was excellent. Though, a part of me misses the old-style planetarium show, with a star projector heaving its black bulk from the center of the space, and a guide using a laser pointer to point out stars and constellations. There was always something peaceful about those shows.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Chinese Calligraphy

Today, I realized that I have not done any Chinese calligraphy since I was in college, and I miss it. Luckily, several art supply stores in San Francisco sell brushes, rice paper, and ink, so I should have no problems beginning again. It is a very calming pastime.

Susan Kruglinski and Roger Penrose

I just read an amazing interview in the latest Discover magazine. Susan Kruglinski interviewed Roger Penrose, a British physicist who is interested in mathematics and quantum theory. According to the interview, Penrose invented some tesselating patterns that inspired some of M.C. Escher's prints. Wow. I had no idea that those two people were linked in any way. I have had Penrose's book The Emperor's New Mind on my shelf for a while, but haven't yet read it. Now, it is on my short list of books to read.