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Monday, May 30, 2011

Sony ICF-38 Portable Radio

About five years ago, I was looking for a small radio to bring to work, so I could listen to music while I typed and such. I did a little research, and found that lots of people on Amazon had ranked the Sony ICF-38 very highly. I bought one from a local Target, and wow: it has performed exceptionally. It has great reception, easy controls, and -- to my surprise -- does not eat batteries. (I used to have a Walkman that needed new batteries if its two AAs were left in over night.) Consider: I have had the same batteries in my ICF-38 for maybe four years, and have not needed to replace them. True, I don't play the radio every day, but still: four years is a long time. I recommend this radio highly.

Linus Bikes

While I have been living in Los Angeles, I have seen several people with Linus bikes. Each time I see one of those bikes, I pause and gawk. The bike has simple, clean lines and swept-back handlebars that make it stand out from the crowd of mountain bikes and fixies. I may have to add a Linus to my stable one day.

Newton as Alchemist

Here's a great webpage from NOVA with information about Newton as alchemist. It has some helpful background information about both Newton and alchemy.

Field Notes Steno Pad

I recently bought a Field Notes steno pad. The weight of the paper is perfect, and the surface is smooth enough for a fountain pen. I also love the rough, brown cover. Ah, Field Notes: you know how to woo me.

Sounds of Los Angeles

Here is a list of some of the more annoying sounds I hear outside my window almost every day:

1) The tamale lady yelling each morning, advertising her wares

2) What seems to be a jungle's worth of pet parrots, screeching and hooting

3) The kid who lives next door, whose laugh seems to just be a loud "ha-ha," like in the Simpsons

4) Frequent car alarms

Felix Chevrolet

Near the University of Southern California is Felix Chevrolet, a car dealership with some of the most amazing signs I have ever seen. I don't know the history of this place, but it's one of my favorite locations in Los Angeles.