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Sunday, February 10, 2008

What Should I Write Today?

Well, I am trying to write more on my blog, so now I have to think of something.... One bit of news is that I am researching MBA programs a little more. I think having an MBA would help me stay at the Exploratorium, or, if I can't stay, work at another science museum or comparable non-profit organization. I really like the people at museums, I think, and would love to stay in that kind of environment.

I was riding my bike this morning, and rode past a gigantic Great Dane. Those dogs really are fantastic: from a distance, they look like they almost could be small horses. And speaking of my bicycle, I still have to get some new pedals and toe clips. I am slowly, slowly upgrading....

Today, the sun is out in San Francisco, and I am very glad I bought a wide-brimmed sun hat a few months ago. What a great purchase.... I feel silly wearing it, but it helps a lot.

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