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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

What Am I Doing?

Well, I am now thinking about what I might want to do if I leave the Exploratorium. I love the Exploratorium's staff, programming, and general atmosphere, but I have been thinking more and more lately about my financial future, and how I will most likely have to earn more money soon. There aren't many opportunities to advance at the Exploratorium, so I will probably have to leave (though I would like to return at some point). So, what am I going do? I like the idea of applying for a science writing masters program: I enjoy writing, science, and explaining complicated topics. I also recently began considering an MBA program, which would be widely applicable, and most likely allow me to have more opportunities to work at nonprofits, including museums like the Exploratorium. And, I am still thinking about applying to law schools. On the one hand, I keep hearing horror stories about how current lawyers are depressed, don't like their work, and wouldn't recommend their jobs to other people. On the other, I think I might enjoy studying and working in the field of law anyway. I like that style of thinking, and I like logic, argumentation, and especially constitutional law. Plus, for all I know, most of the lawyers in the surveys I have read only become lawyers for prestige, or job security, or family pressure, and were never really interested in law in the first place. Thus, they are unhappy. Those statistics can be interpreted in many ways. Arrrrgh!

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Akiko said...


All ideas sound good - and ya know, law school will most definitely suck, at least the first year, but at least you'd be able to create significant changes if you wanted to as a lawyer.