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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Rescuing a Plant

I have finally gotten around to rescuing my jade lily. I have had it since 2002, when I bought it at a local plant store, and it has done very well, steadily outgrowing its pots and sending out white flowers fairly often. For some reason, though, I at some point put it outside, where it began getting a lot of light. I know that this plant thrives in low-light conditions, but it was getting so big, I guess, that I thought it deserved more space. Well, its leaves slowly began to turn lighter and lighter -- bleached by the sun, I thought -- and seemed to be fading. Tonight, I have fixed the situation. I brought the lily into my room, trimmed off all of its brown leaves, and watered it. I put it in a dark corner, hoping that it will return to its former glory. I will keep everyone updated....

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