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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Toy Truck

I have been meaning to write about this occurrence for a while, but, for some reason, never got around to it. Now, I have time to tell everyone about a surreal, and hilarious, situation a few months ago.

My girlfriend and I were walking along a sidewalk near my apartment, when, all of a sudden, we looked a few feet ahead of us and noticed a toy fire truck rolling slowly but steadily right towards us. It was clearly either a wind-up or motorized truck, and was probably about six inches long. Oddly, there was no one else around us: no one on the sidewalks, no one on the streets, no one in any of the house doors: the truck appeared to have materialized out of nowhere. I picked it up and looked it over, and didn't see any way to turn off the power. So, I put it back on the sidewalk, pointed it in the opposite direction from which it originally came, and Jolina and I continued walking. After we had gone a few steps, a nearby door opened, and a man came out. He picked up the truck, said it belonged to him, and, if I remember correctly, he told me and Jolina that the truck has a habit of escaping, or getting away from him. (I think he had a young son, to whom the truck really belonged.) The whole five or so minutes in which it took for all of these events to occur seemed so bizarre, like we were in a Candid Camera episode. Strange...

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