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Friday, January 30, 2009

Pilot Knight Fountain Pen

I tried a beautiful, matte-blue Pilot Knight fountain pen last week, and while I *loved* the weight of the pen, and its feel in my hand, I wasn't especially happy with the nib: it seemed kind of scratchy to me. The saleswoman told me that fine nibs can feel that way, since the points of the nibs can get caught in the fibers of the paper. Maybe I should try the pen with other kinds of paper. Hmmmm... Anyway, even though the nib seems to be the most important part of a fountain pen, I can't stop thinking about how good that pen felt! It may warrant another try. To be continued...

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Biffybeans said...

Check out a Lamy Studio - - - it's an aluminum pen that's heavy in the hand - has the same nib as a Safari, but with the extra weight, the nib seems to write even smoother.