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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

David Addington

I recently read an article about David Addington's appearance before a Senate committee, and I am about to blow my top. I just don't understand how an attorney who has studied American jurisprudence could support the unitary executive theory, or believe that, somehow, vice presidents are not members of the executive branch because they perform a function in Congress. (After all, the president has a legislative function, too: he can sign and veto bills. Is the president, then, also not a member of the executive branch? Is he not a member of his own administration? And, if the unitary executive theory is correct -- and I believe it is not -- and *all* of the country's executive power is concentrated in the office of the presidency, yet the president is not a member of the executive branch, then who, exactly, is running the country?) I hope somebody close to Vice President Cheney -- like Scooter Libby -- writes a memoir, and soon. Our country needs it.

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